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If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, as well as to enjoy other added benefits, then you should consider purchasing and installing storm windows. By using storm windows on your existing windows, rather than replacing the windows with completely new ones, you will be able to reap many of the benefits that replacement windows offer without some of the drawbacks, expense and hassle. This makes storm window installation an intelligent addition to your home.

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12 Reasons to Purchase and Install Storm Windows

There are quite a few reasons to buy storm windows for your home. Here are twelve reasons why they are such a good investment…

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Energy Efficient Storm Windows

1. Storm windows are energy efficient. By installing storm windows along with your existing windows, the storm windows help to make your house more energy efficient. Storm windows reduce drafts by providing an airtight seal around your windows. This seal keeps heat from the interior home inside the house and stops cold air from the exterior from seeping inside. By reducing air leaks, you increase efficiency.

2. Storm windows keep your home cleaner. The airtight seal, in addition to conserving energy, also prevents dust, dirt, sand, soot, air pollution and other small particles from coming in through any cracks or joints in your existing windows.

3. Storm windows keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The thermal barrier created by storm windows keeps warm air in your home and cool exterior air out in the cooler months and conversely keeps cooler air in your home and warmer air out in the warmer months.

4. Storm windows protect historical or vintage windows. This benefit is especially useful for homes with historical properties or a vintage look that the homeowner wants to or has to preserve. By installing storm windows over the existing windows, the beauty and value of the existing windows can be preserved, while the benefits of higher energy efficiency are realized. In some homes or buildings, homeowners are not allowed to removed or change windows that are part of the historic nature of the building. In fact, the Department of Interior has stated that there is no excuse, even for energy conservation, to destroy existing historic windows since they can be made more energy efficient through other means that will preserve the historical value and aesthetics of the window.

5. Storm windows can preserve the glass of existing windows. Homes with historical or vintage windows, or those with unique properties, such as leaded, beveled or stained glass, can preserve the beauty of their windows while keeping them cleaner and protecting them from the hazards of environmental elements or potential breakage. Storm windows can also protect the wood frames surrounding these windows from moisture damage, aging and dry rot.

6. Storm windows reduce noise. With an added layer of protection between a home's interior and exterior, noise from the exterior of the home is less likely to be heard within the home.

7. Storm windows make your home more secure. By having an added layer of windows that are securely attached to your home, it makes it harder for would-be criminals to break into your home through those windows.

8. Storm windows are available with the same types of specialty glass as replacement windows. Many newer types of glass, such as those with UV protection to manage glare and protect items within the home (such as carpets, draperies and furniture) are now available on storm windows, so you do not need to completely replace your windows in order to enjoy the newer technology and options available in the manufacturing of windows.

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9. Storm windows provide higher R-factors than replacement windows. Most single pane older windows only have an R-factor of 0.89 and are poor thermal insulators due to the easy transfer of air from outside to indoors through leaks, cracks, seams and more. Newer double paned windows have an air space that greatly improves the R-factor and therefore the efficiency and most with an air space of up to a half inch have an R-factor of 1.72. Storm windows combined with existing single pane older windows surpass that R-factor with a value of 1.79, meaning they provide even greater thermal protection and energy efficiency than double pane replacement windows.

10. Storm windows are easier to install. There is no structural damage to your home when installing storm windows and installing the windows can be done in just a few hours, rather than the few days it takes to install replacement windows. There is little to no carpentry work involved in installing storm windows and installation can usually be done by the homeowner, so the cost of installation is much lower than the cost of installing replacement windows.

11. Storm windows will last for a long, long time. In double paned windows, the insulated glass seal will eventually fail, which will require either costly repairs or replacement. On the other hand, there is no seal between the storm window and original window that can fail they are simply two separate panes of glass. This means that other than accidental breakage from something hitting the window, there are no parts or seals to break or fail on storm windows.

12. Storm windows are generally more cost effective than replacement windows. They are an inexpensive way to increase energy efficiency and weatherize your home against the elements. Storm windows generally cost less than replacement windows.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing and installing storm windows for your home. From energy efficiency, to ease of installation and cost effectiveness, storm windows are a smart option to make your windows more efficient and less drafty.

The cost of storm windows is primarily based on the size of the windows, materials, functions and style of the window, and the number of windows required. The best way to get a rough estimate of cost is to measure one window of your home (assuming most windows in the home are similar in size) and get an estimate for that one window and then multiply by the number of windows in your home. Some factors to consider before getting an estimate include:

Size measure the width and height of the window(s) to determine the size needed.

Materials Storm windows are made of glass, but the frame materials can differ. Common frame choices are wood, aluminum, or vinyl. You must also determine whether you want a UV coating or other finish on the glass.

Function & Style Do you want a stationary window or one that opens? A single hung or double hung window? One that opens vertically or from side to side? Different styles and functions will affect the price of the window.

When comparing prices between storm windows and replacement windows, one of the major factors to take into account is the cost of installation. There is a substantial additional cost when using replacement windows because the old windows need to be removed, the new windows need to be installed and any additional construction work around the windows needs to be completed (such as fixing siding, trim, etc). The cost of labor alone for replacement windows can add up rather quickly and can also take days and days to complete, depending on the size of the job. Storm windows, on the other hand, just pop right into place and require no installation or construction costs.

If after reading all of the benefits that storm windows provide you are ready to order your storm windows, all you need to do is take some accurate measurements of your existing windows. The best way to do this is to first measure the top of the window, then the bottom, left side and right side. Then measure from corner to corner to check for square. All measurements should be taken for a tight opening window size and should be within a sixteenth of an inch at most. It is easiest to have someone help you when measuring the windows to keep track of the measurements on a piece of paper as you move from window to window. Simply bring in the measurements, choose your window options, order the windows, and then pop the storm windows in, and you'll soon enjoy the many benefits that these windows can bring to your home.

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