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If you are looking for a unique and decorative home window that really makes a statement in your home's design, then you may want to consider a Palladian window. Palladian windows date back to the ornate windows developed by Andrea Palladio, an Italian architect from the 1500's. During the 1700's in America, these windows became very popular along with the Federal style of architecture. Today, Palladian windows aren't quite as popular as they were in years past, but they make a striking design statement.

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Palladian Window Features

The features of a Palladian window are that they have one large window in the center, with a rounded or arched top window above the center window and a small window on either side of the main window. There is typically a mullion, or vertical divider, that can be decorative in nature, dividing the small side windows from the central main one.

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Palladian windows are typically found in Federal style homes, but they add interest and are at home in other architectural styles also, such as Colonial, Neoclassical, Georgian, and Queen Anne styles, among others. In fact, they can be a featured element in just about any style of home and can really add a striking decorative element to any design.

You will typically not walk into a store that sells windows and find Palladian windows on the floor as a standard offering. This is because although they are beautiful, they are not widely used and usually have to be custom ordered. They can be customized in just about any dimensions and because they are made to order, homeowners can select the frame style, glass styles, coatings and finishes, and even the mullion styles. They are a truly a custom and unique window, although they do come with a price tag to match.

Adding a Palladian window replacement to your home can add beauty and elegance, while creating an old world feel. The impact that a custom window such as this can have on the look of your home is unsurpassed.

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