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For homeowners looking to replace their windows or install new windows that are also interested in adding visual beauty and interest to their home design, hood mold windows offer that extra special touch to really increase the decorative look of your home. A hood mold window refers to a standard rectangular window that has an arched window on top of the standard window.

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Hood Mold Windows

The term "hood mold window" is not a well known one, yet the type of windows it describes is found in many upscale and contemporary designed homes. The name of the window comes from the type of molding that frames the top of the arched window.

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The nice thing about incorporating hood mold windows into your home design is that you can select just about any size standard window you want. You can choose from standard sizes or even include more custom size windows. Then, no matter what size window you start with, you can include a hood mold window above to add beauty and elegance to the window.

Hood mold windows add an architectural dimension to your home, but they also allow in a great deal of extra light, which really brightens up a room. Very often even if window treatments are selected to cover up the standard portion of the window, the hood mold window is left unobstructed to provide light and interest. Since they are positioned high up above eye level, you do not have to worry about covering the window for privacy reasons so you can simply enjoy the look of the window, as well as the light that it provides.

If you are considering adding hood mold windows to your home, you can have your window contractor or a retailer that carries windows by any of the major window companies work with you to help you select the sizes and styles that will work best in your home. These windows can be custom made to fit just about any size window, as well as any style of window, so you can place a hood mold window above a double hung window, casement window, sliding window or just about any type of window. You can also select options such as the frame material, the type of glass that is used, as well as any additional coatings.

All of the main window companies, such as Andersen, Pella, Milgard, and other window manufacturers offer hood mold window designs. These windows are an attractive addition to any home and provide visual interest, beauty, architectural elements and added light to any room.

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