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Casement Window Replacements | Discover Their Beauty And Style Print Bookmark and Share

Casement windows have long been a favorite among homeowners. They are beautiful windows that can truly transform the look and feel of a home. In addition, their design makes them relatively easy to maintain, which certainly adds to their popularity. Another terrific feature is that they open wide and the angled window catches the air and creates excellent ventilation. For fresh air lovers, casement windows are an easy decision.

Casement windows have been around forever, with a look that is familiar and comforting, but can also be elegant and sophisticated. Casement windows are chameleons, blending with a variety of architectural styles. Installing new casement windows can enhance the look of a home, giving it a welcoming, elegant appeal.

The Advantages of Casement Windows

Casement windows yield more of the window's surface area to actual viewing area. They don't sacrifice the horizontal or vertical middle to sliding mechanisms like double hung or gliding windows do. Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward. When closed, they offer unimpeded views using all of the window. When open, they improve air flow, not just because of the open space but because the extended, angled window catches breezes and directs them inside.

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Efficiency and Maintenance

Casement windows also seal better, resulting in less air leakage. This also has to do with the fact that they are hinged on only one side. This allows for the use of highly effective compression seals on four sides as opposed to two, as would be the case with double hung or gliding windows.

They are also very simple, easy to clean and allow easy access to the whole pane, instead of only one half (single hung) with a hard to reach middle part obscured by framing mechanisms.

For a truly low-maintenance option, opt for this style with a vinyl frame. Vinyl frames offer a wide variety of colors, and are very resistant to damage from the elements, including wind. In today's vinyl frames, the color is consistent throughout the frame and won't fade or require repainting as do wood frames.

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Things to Consider

Casement windows are an excellent choice for any room of the house, from kitchens to bedrooms to dens. However, if the window looks out onto a pathway or well-trafficked area, a casement might not be the best option. Because they open outward, they could create a physical hazard if they conflict with foot traffic.

You'll also want to take care with adjacent windows. Casement windows that are next to one another might come into conflict when opened, depending on their angles. Remember that they open outward from one hinged side.

Lastly, one maintenance issue that could arise from casement windows is that the cranking (or slider bar) mechanism can fail over time due to extended wear-and-tear. Replacing a crank can cost anywhere from $25 to over $100.

Casement windows can be customized to meet your unique needs for style, color, and performance. Multiple glazings, low-E coatings, gas fills, and the appropriate U-values can be combined with the color and finish of your choice and a remarkable variety of window hardware. The locks and handles, and type of grid finish, if you opt for it, can all help create a beautiful and sophisticated window that will give your home a graceful, more elegant look.

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