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Bay Windows are such a common part of our lives that we often forget what an impact they have on our living environment. Bay windows not only provide natural light and frame our view of the world but also characterize the overall style of a home, providing a sense of balance and scale. You can give the exterior of your home added dimension, gain more light, and dramatically enhance your vistas by replacing conventional flat panes of glass with an elegant bay window.

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Why Choose Bay Windows?

Bay windows maximize space, provide multiple views, make a room appear more open and roomy, increase the flow of light into a home, and, depending upon the style, can add counter space. An elegant, angle bay window can make your home feel bigger and brighter. Bay windows create a light filled alcove in a home and typically increase the home's value.

A bay window is actually three windows joined to make a single large unit that projects outward from a room and from the house, forming a bay. The wide center window is bordered by narrower casement or double-hung windows. Two vertical uprights, known as mullion posts, separate the three.

Bay windows come in several window styles or types. The most common is the angled bay window, which protrudes from the house at a 30 , 45, or even 90-degree angles. A box bay is square - the side sash come straight off the house at 90 degrees. Garden bay or greenhouse windows have a glass roof. Standard sizes typically vary in width from three and a half to ten and a half feet and in height from three and a half to six and a half feet.

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Bay Window Design

The possibilities are endless. For example, you can choose double-hung, casement, picture, awning, or a combination of window styles for your own unique look. While the bay sash often matches those on the other windows on the home, there's no hard and fast rule. However, keep in mind that taller, narrower bays usually look better with casement sash, while shorter units are generally most attractive with double-hung sash. Although the center window of a bay usually is fixed, it can be ordered with operable casement or double-hung sash in smaller sizes. Most bays come with insulated glazing, which separates two panes with an air space, but there are other options that provide greater energy efficiency, protection from UV rays, and enhanced appearance. Although prices vary widely depending on the size and window construction, bays usually run from $800 to $1,100 for a 3-feet-high by 6-feet-wide vinyl-clad 30-degree casement bay window.

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Where to Place Them

Angle bay can be used as a replacement for most large windows. When considering size, keep in mind that it's easier and cheaper to put in a bay that is the same size as or smaller than the old window. Bay windows work particularly well in rooms where you are trying to create a greater sense of spaciousness or in rooms in which lots of people will be spending a considerable amount of time. They are popular choices in living rooms and master bedrooms. Two other outstanding spots for a bay are the kitchen and dining room.

If you want to add to the living space of your house without increasing the footings and foundation size, then a bay window is an attractive option. Think of adding a bay or bow window as a quick and easy room addition because they can be readily installed in most existing large window openings. You get more space, light, and value for less cost.

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