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Awning windows are hinged on the top side and open outward and upward. This type of window is often considered a traditional one that is associated with older and historic homes, although they are regularly used in modern homes, especially above doors for ventilation. Awning windows are often described as the perfect window to keep out the rain, while allowing in the fresh air. Awning windows are relatively affordable and are one of the easiest windows to replace and install.

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The Advantages of Awning Windows

Awning replacement windows are a great choice if you want to increase a home's ventilation options. Frequently placed above a door, they can also be joined to another window style as well. Awning windows are also good for locations where opening a window requires reaching, such as over a sink or counter. They are much easier to open than sliding or lifting windows; all you do is turn a handle. Awning windows are similar in design to casement windows, although they are often wider than they are tall. In addiiton, they provide more light than casement windows and are common in homes that already have traditional double-hung windows. Like casement windows, awning windows use compression seals and are extremely energy efficient. A hopper window is similar to an awning window, except it is hinged on the bottom and opens inward. They are often found over doors, or in basements. (Remember Laverne & Shirley's basement apartment?)

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Unlike many other window types, awning windows come in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and nylon. The most popular awning window material is wood, which also tends to be the most expensive. Vinyl windows are a convenient choice as they are relatively simple to install, are affordable and require little to no maintenance. Aluminum awning windows are most often used for more commercial applications, although they may also work well for basement windows in homes.

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Glazing Options With Awning Windows

You also have your choice of glazing, and can choose from glass or plastic, either of which can be clear or frosted. If you have a need for extra security, you can even get bullet proof glass. Furthermore, you no longer have to lean out through the window to pull an open awning window closed or to push it open. Most awning windows today have adjustable friction stays—no need to "prop" them open—and wedgeless cam handles for easy opening. Some have a continuous hinge hood which prevents the intrusion of water even when the window is fully open. Some also have molded nylon sash corner guards that keep water from splashing in through the corners when the window is open. Several companies, such as Andersen Windows and Pella, also provide a variety of grills and screens to prevent insects from entering the open window. And the wider glass area in most of today's awning windows provides for more light while the Low-E glass helps to control temperature.

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Uses For Awning Windows

In older homes, awning windows were often a main type of window. Today, new awning windows are often placed above doors to provide added ventilation. You can use them singly or combine them with other windows for extra ventilation and light.

Awning Window Manufacturers

Many of the most popular window manufacturers currently produce awning windows. These manufacturers include Andersen, Gorell, Hurd, Loewen, Mildgard Windows, Pella, Thermal Industries, Inc. and Weather Shield.

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