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Types of Replacement Windows | Residential Window Styles | Replacement Window Styles & Types Print Bookmark and Share

Home replacement windows usually refer to new windows that mount within the frame of the existing wood window. They are typically made without a structural frame; instead, they rely on the strength of the original window for support. There are many different types and styles of replacement windows. Below are a list of window types and links to articles detailing each kind of replacement window, as well as pictures of these windows.

The Purpose of Replacement Windows

Replacement windows take the place of existing windows when they have become deteriorated, drafty or non-functional. However, replacing original windows on older houses can cause irreparable harm. In many historic preservation districts, window replacement is only an option of last resort. New replacement windows may greatly decrease energy loss and outside noise, compared to a single-pane window.

Types of Replacement Windows | Replacement Window Styles

Arched Windows - An arched window can add something unusual to your home. Not only are these types of replacement windows unique, but they add a certain level of sophistication to the home.

Awning Replacement Windows - These windows are hinged on the top side and open outward and upward. This type of window is often considered a traditional one that is associated with older and historic homes, although they are regularly used in modern homes, especially above doors for ventilation. Awning windows are often described as the perfect window to keep out the rain, while allowing in the fresh air. Awning windows are relatively affordable and are one of the easiest windows to replace and install.

Bay Windows - This type of window is such a common part of our lives that we often forget what an impact they have on our living environment. Bay windows not only provide natural light and frame our view of the world but also characterize the overall style of a home, providing a sense of balance and scale. You can give the exterior of your home added dimension, gain more light, and dramatically enhance your vistas by replacing conventional flat panes of glass with an elegant bay window. A bay window is actually three windows joined to make a single large unit that projects outward from a room and from the house, forming a bay. The wide center window is bordered by narrower casement or double-hung windows. Two vertical uprights, known as mullion posts, separate the three.

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Bow Windows - Bow windows are curved windows, close cousins to bay windows. They first appeared in eighteenth century Britain, crossed the ocean to the United States during the Federal period, and enjoyed renewed popularity in both countries in the 1970s and 1980s. Bow windows provide enormous possibilities for expanding a living area with an elegant, gentle arch that makes your home feel larger and brighter. One of the many advantages these windows have is that they provide added ventilation and light to any room.

Casement Windows - have long been a favorite among homeowners. They are beautiful windows and can really transform a home. They're also easy to maintain, which certainly adds to their popularity. Anything that cuts down on time and effort is a good thing! Casement windows are also an excellent choice for those who want good ventilation, because they open wide and the angled window catches the air and draws it inside. For fresh air lovers, casement windows are an easy decision.

Double Hung Windows - Double hung windows might be the most common type of replacement window and is so named because it has an upper and lower sash. One or both sashes can be moved up and down on double-hung window replacements.

Fixed Frame Windows -

Hopper Windows - are hinged on the bottom and tilts open at the top so the entire window can be opened. They have a crank handle and a mechanism that holds the window in place, preventing it from slamming shut in the wind. The window screen attaches on the outside. People usually confuse awning windows with hopper windows. When either a hopper or awning window is positioned over a door, it is called a transom window.

Hood Mold Windows - For homeowners looking to replace their windows or install new windows, hood mold windows offer that extra special touch to really increase the decorative look of your home. A hood mold window refers to a standard rectangular window that has an arched window on top of the standard window.

Jalousie Windows - Jalousie replacement windows are sometimes referred to as a louvered window. They are made of glass slats that are set within metal clips as part of a panel. The panels of glass slats can be manually rotated so that they open or close like a shutter. In this way, a homeowner can determine how much ventilation or light to allow in through the window.

Palladian Windows - Palladian windows are a unique and decorative home window that really makes a statement in your home's design. Today, Palladian windows aren't quite as popular as they were in years past, but they make a striking design statement.

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Patio Windows - Patio windows can be found in a vast variety of designs, sizes and styles, depending on what will fit best with your overall home d├ęcor. One of the more popular choices in patio door designs incorporates grilles that divide the patio doors into smaller panes within the larger glass display.

Picture Windows - A picture window is a very large window, usually located in a part of the house with a really nice view. The objective of a picture window is to frame the beautiful scene outside, whether it's a city skyline or a well-tended rose garden, as if it were a picture. Picture windows are therefore typically a single oversized pane, as multiple panes would mean additional frames that would interrupt the view. They are also usually longer horizontally, so as to provide a more panoramic dimension and outlook.

Round Top Windows - Round top windows come in a wide assortment of styles. Some styles of these windows include: full, half or quarter rounds, ovals, elliptical, inverted corners, gothic shapes, and eyebrows among others.

Skylight Windows - There are many different styles and designs of window skylights. Some will work with any style of home or roof, while others are made specifically to handle different roof pitches, space issues or other architectural elements.

Sliding Windows - Gliding and sliding replacement windows feature more glass and smoother, contoured framing lines. They are either vinyl or wood, and offer a perfect fit for any style of home. For homes in cities, the operation, functionality, and energy efficiency of our windows offer the perfect solution for your ever-changing weather.

Storm Windows - By using storm windows on your existing windows, rather than replacing the windows with completely new ones, you will be able to reap many of the benefits that replacement windows offer without some of the drawbacks, expense and hassle. This makes storm window installation an intelligent addition to your home.

Thermal Windows - Thermal windows are always double- or triple-paned. Thermal replacement windows allow far less heat to escape your home in the winter and less heat to get in during the summer, lowering your fuel bills considerably. Most thermal windows also eliminate the need for painting.

Compare Replacement Windows - We've compared replacement windows according to 5 basic criteria - description, appearance, cost or price, durability and manufacturers. We began by comparing replacement window materials - beginning with vinyl replacement windows, then wood windows, composite windows, aluminum windows, fiberglass amd PVC windows.

Single-Hung vs Double-Hung Windows - Both single and double hung windows were traditional window styles that can still be found in their original form in many pre-1960 homes. Today, many window manufacturers have updated the basic features of single and double hung windows to create energy saving, low-e, double-paned windows in a variety of styles and materials.

Window Pictures / Photos - View a wide variety of window pictures, photos and images. Included are links to awning windows, bay windows, bow windows casement, double hung windows, hopper windows, picture windows, sliding windows and thermal windows.

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