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Comparing replacement windows is a bit tricky because different people have different opinions on which window looks the best, functions the best, is easiest to maintain -- the list goes on. We've compared the following replacement windows according to 5 basic criteria - description, appearance, cost or price, durability and manufacturers. We began by comparing replacement window materials - beginning with vinyl replacement windows, then wood windows, composite windows, aluminum windows, fiberglass amd PVC windows. Below this we compared replacement window styles such as .

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Comparing Replacement Windows

1.) Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Window Description: Vinyl windows use, you guessed it, vinyl - or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - in the window frame.

Vinyl Replacement Window Appearance: Fair to Nice. There is a large variation in vinyl replacement window quality, but in general vinyl windows are a simple, clean-looking window.

Vinyl Replacement Window Cost: Low to mid price range - one of the more affordable window options available and one of the main reasons that vinyl windows are so popular.

Vinyl Replacement Window Durability: High - most quality vinyl windows are built to last: they are very resistant to rust, chipping, corroding, warping and peeling.

Vinyl Replacement Window Manufacturers: Alside, Andersen, CertainTeed, Champion, Milgard, Pella, Schuco, the list goes on and on -- most major window manufacturers produce multiple vinyl window lines.

Summary of Vinyl Replacement Windows Vinyl replacement windows can be a nice looking window that will fit any budget, are often available in many designs, can be easily customized, will stand up to a variety of weather and climates and are widely available from most manufacturers.

2. ) Wood Replacement Windows

Wood Replacement Window Description: Wood windows are any windows that use a natural wood frame around the glass.

Wood Replacement Window Appearance: Top-of-the-line - this is why buyers go with wood windows, they are beautiful to look at.

Wood Replacement Window Cost: Mid to high - you will pay for this attractive replacement window option.

Wood Replacement Window Durability: Low to fair - wood windows can warp, rot, chip, crack and decay over time. That is why maintenance is so important for wood windows.

Wood Replacement Window Manufacturers: Andersen Windows, BiltBest Windows, Eagle Windows & Doors, Kolbe & Kolbe, Malta Windows, Marvin, Milgard, Norco Windows, Pella, Sealrite Windows, SNE Enterprises and Sun Windows, to name just a few. There are over 60 replacement window manufacturers in the United States.

Summary of Wood Replacement Windows: Wood replacement windows are often considered the best looking and most attractive windows on the market. They are also the most expensive and have more maintenance requirements than other replacement windows.

3.) Composite Replacement Windows

Composite Replacement Window Description: Composite windows use chemically-bonded mixes (mainly wood and plastic resins) to create a strong window frame.

Composite Replacement Window Appearance: Fair to great. Composites can be made to look like wood or other window materials - usually quite well with the right window manufacturer.

Composite Replacement Window Cost: Mid to upper end pricing. Composite windows are priced similarly to high end vinyl windows or mid range wood and clad-wood windows.

Composite Replacement Window Durability: Excellent, composite windows are typically very durable and energy-efficient, while requiring low maintenance.

Composite Replacement Window Manufacturers: Amsco Windows, Euro-Tech Window Industries, Inline Fiberglass Ltd., Marflex Building Solutions, Marvin Windows and Doors, Milgard Windows, National Woodworks, Peachtree Doors and Windows, Pella Windows, QuietHome Windows, Superseal Mfg. Inc., Thermal Industries Inc., Weather Shield Mfg., Inc. and Windmill Slatwall Products.

Summary of Composite Replacement Windows: Composite replacement windows offer many benefits for a reasonable price. They are very high quality in their durability, while maintaining a good aesthetic. Since they are relatively new to the market it is best to thoroughly research the window company/manufacturer before purchasing these replacement windows.

4.) Aluminum Replacement Windows

Aluminum Replacement Window Appearance: Often appears industrial or commercial looking, not as warm and friendly as other window frame types.

Aluminum Replacement Window Cost: Mid range -- Less pricey than wood windows, usually in the mid to high end vinyl window frame cost range.

Aluminum Replacement Window Durability: Aluminum is strong, durable and very close to maintenance free. Aluminum does have one significant drawback - it is not energy efficient because the material conducts heat and cold.

Aluminum Replacement Window Manufacturers: Amsco, Atrium Windows & Doors, Champion Windows, Gentek, Milgard Windows, Napco., Pella, Reynolds Mfg., Traco and many others.

Summary of Aluminum Replacement Windows: Aluminum window frames have lost much of their popularity over the past 20 years but remain a solid window, especially for anyone who wants excellent security and low maintenance.

5.) Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass Replacement Window Appearance: Fiberglass windows only make up 1% of the window market, but can be painted, which means endless color choices. Fiberglass replacement windows offer an attractive option, although many consumers shy away from fiberglass for budgetary reasons.

Fiberglass Replacement Window Cost: Mid to high range. Fiberglass windows are strong and durable - and therefore are more expensive than many aluminum, composite and vinyl windows. On average, fiberglass windows 10% to 30% than vinyl windows. Fiberglass replacement window pricing varies according on the manufacturer, shape and sizing, so shopping is recommended. Though more expensive than vinyl, fiberglass windows are still considered a mid- priced window.

Fiberglass Replacement Window Durability:The fiberglass frames themselves, however, are stable and rust and weather resistant. A fiberglass frame is just as efficient as a vinyl frame. However, fiberglass windows are typically built with metal spacers with rubber gaskets. These types of spacers are less energy efficient than the no- metal "super spacers" generally used with vinyl windows. In the big picture, though, super spacers are less effective at combating heat transfer than gas fills and low-E coatings, and they are a more expensive feature as well. For most budget-oriented consumers, that makes fiberglass windows just as efficient as vinyl windows. Easy to maintain because they won't rust, are weather resistant, aren't susceptible to bugs and won't warp, corrode or rot.

Fiberglass Replacement Window Manufacturers:

Summery of Fiberglass Replacement Windows:Fiberglass windows offer homeowners many more options and is available in just about any shape, style, and size and with any combination of gas fills, low-E coatings, grids. Homeowners can get fiberglass windows in and so on. Hardware and window accessories also offer a broad range of stylish, convenient, and safety-oriented choices.

6.) Steel Replacement Windows

Steel Window Appearance: Steel replacement windows have a very contemporary, commercial or gothic feel and look to them. They are most often used on municipal buildings, churches, museums, commercial offices, universities and residential homes.

Steel Window Cost: High cost - steel windows are going to be expensive because they are almost always custom made.

Steel Window Durability: Steel is the strongest, most durable window frame available. It is three times stronger than aluminum, which is stronger than vinyl, most composite materials and wood windows.

Steel Window Manufacturers: Steel replacement window manufacturers include A&S Window Associates, Inc., Bliss Cashier Metal Products, Inc., Bliss Nor-Am Steel Doors & Window, C T Windows Ltd., Ceco Door Products, Clement Windows Group Ltd., Coast To Coast Mfg. LLC, Crittall Windows Limited, D.V. Fyre-Tec Inc., Fabrication Designs Inc., Home Guard Industries Inc., Hope's Windows, Inc., Jaidan Industries, Inc, Optimum Window Manufacturing Corp., Rocky Mountain Metals, Security Acoustics, Div. of Security Metal Products Corp., Southern Folger Detention Equipment Co., Steel Window Institute, Steelcraft, Stiles Custom Metal, SwissShade + Security, Inc., Torrance Steel Window Co., Inc., Waltek & Co. Ltd. and Windorsky, Inc.

Summary of Steel Windows: Steel window frames and doorframes provide a number of benefits to your building or home. Strength, durability, versatility, easy replacement, easy installation, and a look all its own, make steel a good choice for a narrow set of buildings and residences.


  1. Vinyl replacement windows have become popular with homeowners, and most home builders choose this window for new constructions..They are such a popular choice because of their generally improved quality over the years..Eagle Windows and Door

    posted by Eagle Windows and Door

    April 20th, 2012

  2. Vinyl replacement windows have become popular with homeowners, and most home builders choose this window for new constructions..They are such a popular choice because of their generally improved quality over the years..Eagle Windows and Door

    posted by Eagle Windows and Door

    April 20th, 2012

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