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Wood has been a traditional material for windows for centuries. There are some advantages to wood windows. They can be painted or stained to match your interior d├ęcor, they can look as nice as furniture, and they fit well into historic renovations. The downside of wood is that it is susceptible to damage from excessive moisture (it can warp or rot), excessive dryness (it can crack or split) and it does require some type of sealing to make it last long term.

The major disadvantage to wood windows is that they necessitate regular maintenance. A small number of high end wood-window makers use rot-resistant species such as mahogany, but most domestically-manufactured windows are made from less-resistant species such as pine. However, a properly maintained wood window can last a hundred years.

The Downsides of Wood Windows

The wood windows on the market today are primarily designed for new construction. With new construction windows, you install the window in a new opening, and install new exterior and interior trim. New construction windows work well when you are gutting the home, since they generally are made standard sizes, and you must make your openings fit the stock window sizes available from the manufacturer. Some window manufactures will make custom sized windows, although this can add substantially to the cost per window. You will also have the cost of buying and installing the new trim. There are a few regional manufactures that make custom size wood windows to order as their normal procedure (for example TrimLine Windows).

Although these may be higher end windows, you will not pay custom size charges. These windows are true "pocket replacement windows" meaning they are designed to fit into the 3 _ inch space where the old wood sashes were removed from. With this type of installation, you will not be forced to replace the trim on the interior and exterior. Now you can get the advantages of a wood window without the installation problems.

Of course, wood also has its downsides. Wood can rot or warp when exposed to excessive moisture. It can crack, split, and splinter in the sun or under dry conditions. It can also become termite infested. Wood requires sealing to protect it from the elements, and regular inspections and maintenance. With vigilance, however, wood windows can last a very, very long time. For custom windows, wood is easier to work with and often the better choice. Wood windows are now considered a high-end purchase, and generally cost more than vinyl windows or other materials.