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Steel window frames and door frames have been incorporated into architecture for hundreds of years. Architects have used the strength, durability, narrow sightlines, and versatility of steel frames to create a distinctive, unique look in their buildings. Today, steel frame's ease of installation and ease of replacement make them the ideal choice for your home.

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Steel Window Frame Hardware

Steel window hardware is fastened to your steel frames in order to will stay in place. There is no distortion or racking of the ventilators with age.

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Durability of Steel Window Frames

Steel door and window frames have lasted in buildings in the U.S. and Europe for generations. The durability of steel allows for windows and doors to have lasted for over a century in classic architecture examples around the world. Steel is more durable than virtually any other alternative building material.

Homeowners desire for new glazing, finishing, or ventilator technology causes some highly functional steel frames to be replaced in certain cases. Fortunately, the durability and flexibility of steel allows for historic frames to be replaced easily.

The Versatility of Steel Windows

From contemporary structures to gothic themes, steel frames can be found everywhere. The list of modern structures that use steel frames is endless. Municipal buildings, churches, museums, commercial offices, universities, schools, bus stations, airports, hospitals, retail stores, a residential homes to name a few. They can be used on the exterior and interior of buildings.

Replacing Steel Windows and Doors

Steel windows and doorframes are an ideal choice for renovation projects. New steel frames, which offer state of the art finishing pretreatment, factory applied finishes, upgraded weather stripping, new muntin designs, and high performance glass, can be matched perfectly to your original frames. If your original frames are wood, you can replace them with steel frames that can be designed to give you the same aesthetic feel. In addition, with steel frames, you will get greater durability and improved sight lines.

Steel Window Installation

Steel window frames and doorframes can provide a problem-free installation. No longer will you have to deal with racked, inoperable, or otherwise damaged windows that can cause expensive project delays. Alternative materials may arrive at the job site with structural defects that can be avoided by using steel. Additionally, steel frames can be installed easily and economically, and will often add to the integrity of the overall structure.

Narrow Sightlines

Narrow sightlines define steel frames more than any of the other qualities listed above. They provide a unique look that has been incorporated into nearly every form of architecture throughout history. The strength of steel allows for this distinctive appearance, which cannot be achieved through the use of aluminum, wood, or vinyl alternatives.

Steel window frames and doorframes provide a number of benefits to your building or home. Strength, durability, versatility, easy replacement, easy installation, and a look all its own, make steel the obvious choice for any architectural style.