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Do you need to replace your old-fashioned, damaged, leaky windows? While replacement windows provide views, daylight, ventilation, and solar heating in the winter, they can also account for up to twenty-five percent of your heating bill and during the summer, sunny windows make your air conditioner work two to three times harder.

Currently, energy-efficient double pane windows are the most popular replacement choice. They'll help to cut down your energy bills in the winter and the summer. If you are building a new home, you can compensate for some of the cost of installing more efficient windows because doing so allows you to buy smaller, less expensive heating and cooling equipment.

Double Pane Windows - Anatomy of a Double Glazed Window

Double pane windows are also called dual paned or double glazed or insulating glass (IG) windows. They provide better insulation than old single pane (cutting the heat loss in half as long as the seals are intact) at a lower purchase price than triple-paned windows. R-value ratings measure a material's ability to resist the flow of heat. A single pane glazed window has an approximate R-value of 0.85, while a double pane glazed window has a value of 1.5 - 2.0. Read more on replacement window ratings

Double paned windows are made up of two facing glass panels set in a frame, separated by a small space from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch wide. The gap might be filled with air or nontoxic gasses like argon or the more expensive krypton in order to improve insulation. (For example, a double pane glazed window using an argon gas fill has a 2.7 - 3.6 R-value.)

The dual lights or lites of glass that make up the window unit are held apart around the perimeter edge on the inside by what is known as a spacer. A spacer is made of either aluminum or stainless, coated, or galvanized steel. To avoid fogging from moisture, the spacer contains an absorbent substance called a desiccant. Decorative frames might also be inserted between the glass panels to give the impression of individual windowpanes.

The Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Among the advantages that double paned windows have over standard windows are better insulation, noise reduction, and ease of cleaning. A quality dual paned can greatly reduce energy loss. Double paned windows also block street noise more efficiently than traditional windows. Decorative inset frames make double pane windows very easy to clean. Since the glass is one solid panel, a swipe of a squeegee is all you need. The inset frames are protected from the elements and stay spotless for the life of the window. Double paned windows can also protect items in the house from sun damage. High UV coatings on double paned windows protect floors, rugs, and photographs from sun damage.

Choosing the Right Window

Although all double paned windows are energy-efficient, modern advances in technology have created many levels of effectiveness. Picking the right windows depends a lot on the prevalent local weather conditions. Since framing contribute greatly to the insulation properties of windows, you need to consider frame materials as well as what goes between the panes. In extremely cold climates, gas-filled windows are the best choice and the outer frame on double paned windows should ideally be wood, vinyl, or fiberglass windows. However, in areas that have warmer weather year round, air-filled windows are fine and aluminum frames will work just as well.


Another factor to take into account are the various glazings or UV coatings. For those in very cold regions, the UV coating should allow as much solar energy to penetrate as possible to maximize the sun's warmth and reduce heating bills. In hot regions, however, UV coatings should be maximum to keep out solar heat and reduce air conditioning use. In the summertime, the sun shining through your windows heats up the room.

In warmer climates, you should select windows with spectrally selective coatings to reduce heat gain by filtering out 40–70% of the heat while allowing the full amount of light to be enter. Windows with spectrally selective coatings on the glass reflect some of the sunlight, keeping your rooms cooler. Spectrally selective coatings are optically designed to reflect particular wavelengths but remain transparent to others. They reflect infrared portion while admitting visible light, creating a window with a low U-factor. Selective coatings can reduce the electric space cooling requirements by more than 40%.In regions in which a mixture of weather is normal, double paned windows can be designed with a combination of factors to best maximize energy-savings.

Windows can be one of your home's most attractive features. Double paned glass windows provide a cost-effective way to complement the beauty with energy efficiency.