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Composite Window Replacements | Composite Windows Replacement Frames Print Bookmark and Share

Composite material is a mixture of substances such as ground-up vinyl with sawdust or wood chips, with epoxy as the binding agent. Some manufacturers use recycled plastic or vinyl to make their composite windows. Composite material is made by mixing ground up vinyl with�sawdust and combining the resultant mixture with epoxy binders. The� result is a strong material resistant to wear and tear. Most windows�that use composites in them use them in conjunction with other� materials. Composites are relatively new on the market and are�typically more expensive due to the low market share. Only time will tell if they are accepted in the marketplace.

Composite windows are not only strong, but resistant to wear-and-tear. They are thermally similar to wood windows, but are resistant to rot, warping, and insects, as well as heat and moisture. They are dimensionally stable and feature a low rate of air leakage.

The Advantages of Composite Windows

Composite windows are relatively new, and relatively expensive within the replacement window market. They are typically more expensive than vinyl but less expensive than clad wood. Composite windows are another option for homeowners who want the look of wood without the expense.

As composites were introduced in the 1990s, the jury is still out on their long-term performance and benefits. It is recommended that you look for composite windows with heat-welded rather than fastened joints and color consistency throughout the frame.

In the past few years, vinyl windows and cellular PVC have become some of the most popular types of replacement windows. While their cost is a big selling point, they do have their advantages and disadvantages. Take care while weighing your options, and be sure to consider factors other than cost. There are many forums on the internet where homeowners share their uncensored experiences as well. Call several professional window companies to discuss your project and concerns and find price quotes.