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Aluminum Window Replacements | Aluminum Windows Replacement Frames Print Bookmark and Share

Aluminum window replacement frames are versatile and stylish. They fit most every design need, and often boast a much better look than vinyl or even wood. They're also the most durable, and they are best at blocking out sound. They are easy to clean, resistant to the elements, dent resistant, and can be painted any color. Their superior strength means the frame itself can be very thin – much thinner than wood or vinyl – and offers enhanced security. As aluminum replacement windows are easily customizable, they have been more popular in commercial buildings than homes. Aluminum is a better choice for milder climates, but can be used in colder climates if "thermally broken."

The Downsides of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is over forty times as stronger as wood and has triple the strength of vinyl windows. Aluminum is also resistant to deterioration and will not crack, rust, swell, split or shrink. Aluminum comes in a host of colors and you can greatly improve your home's overall look. while indulging your personal sense of style.

Over the past half century, aluminum was used on many low-end builders grade windows. They were strong, inexpensive and did not require painting. Today, they are considered the least effective windows at keeping the heat in your home since they conduct heat at a rate over 1000 times faster than wood or vinyl. They are primarily used today for commercial applications. View our article on Aluminum Windows vs Vinyl Windows.

Today, aluminum windows are most commonly used in commercial buildings, as builders are willing to trade their heat loss and gain for the strength they offer for large openings. Removing aluminum windows from your home and installing energy efficient windows in their place can cut heating costs by as much as 50%.