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Milgard has been creating beautiful, top-of-the-line windows for more than 40 years. Equipped with a lifetime warranty and made of the highest-quality materials, faithful Milgard customers know that they can count on expert craftsmanship and an excellent level of customer service.

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Milgard Windows Boasts Distinctive Quality

Milgard recognizes the need for a window that is both cosmetically appealing for the home as well as durable and energy efficient. For this reason, every Milgard window is manufactured with SunCoat, a specialty coating that helps your home retain energy and keep harmful UV rays out.

Located in the heart of the pacific northwest, Tacoma, Washington, Milgard windows operates a state-of-the-art plant where hardworking employees help to make vinyl windows as well as various accessories, frames and additional window replacement components. Milgard specializes in number of materials for its various window lines, including: aluminum standard windows, fiberglass woodclad windows, vinyl classic windows and many more. The Milgard name is synonymous with the ability to choose a replacement window from a variety of lines and various materials, to ensure that the window you choose fits in with the overall d├ęcor of your home.

Moreover, based on the type of climate in the region in which you live, Milgard can manufacture the perfect window for your home. The Milgard replacement window climate-based solution customizes windows that can help customers gain at least a 10% increase in overall performance above Energy Star guidelines. The 3D Energy Upgrade is a revolutionary program that recognizes the customers need to cut energy costs whenever possible while still maintaining the ability to purchase stunning, durable windows for their homes. The 3D Energy Upgrade also offers protection against UV rays and reduce noise pollution, making your home a more quite, peaceful sanctuary without interruption from the world outside.

Milgard also offers a stunning line of fiberglass windows that can stand up to the most extreme cases of water, cold, UV rays, heat and even insects. They stay beautiful no matter what the climate, giving homeowners peace of mind in the performance of their fiberglass windows. Customers have the option of choosing between the Ultra Fiberglass Window or the WoodClad Fiberglass Window, both of which perform beautifully and add a certain sense of flair to the home. Neither of these fiberglass models will ever crack, stick or warp in any way, which ensures that your investment in a Milgard replacement window is a sound and safe one.

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