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Marvin Windows and Doors is a small town success story. It was established as the Marvin Timber & Cedar Company – later the Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company – in the hamlet of Warroad, Minnesota (about six miles from the Canadian border) in 1912 by George G. Marvin.

In 1939, the company began making window and door frames, and during the war it also made butter and ammunition boxes. In 1945, it left the lumber business behind and began to focus exclusively on windows and doors, recognizing the potential to create jobs and employ returning servicemen (who included George Marvin's sons).

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Window Replacement By Marvin

Marvin's commitment to customer service and quality craftsmanship quickly catapulted it to the top of the industry. By the 1950s, Marvin was able to include employees in a profit-sharing program.

Marvin became the first window manufacturer to have its own delivery fleet, and is credited with reintroducing round top windows. (Today it offers over 1,000 standard round top sizes.)

Marvin was also the first window manufacturer to make sure its entire product line not just a few models included such features as low-E glass, commercial -grade aluminum window cladding as a standard option, and certification by the Window and Door Manufacturers' Association.

Today, Marvin is the world's largest manufacturer of made-to-order wood windows and doors, and is still a privately owned family business. It is part of the Marvin Companies family of brands that also includes Integrity fiberglass windows and Infinity fiberglass replacement windows.

Marvin fulfills its Built Around You™ promise with solid, handsome, high-performing windows and doors, each constructed to specification to ensure a perfect fit with the homeowner's needs and personality.

Marvin Windows and Doors is an award-winning manufacturer of custom wood and clad wood windows and doors, dedicated to crafting both superior quality products and a reputation for excellence.

Marvin prides itself on the total absence of off-the-shelf inventory, creating each individual window on demand and to specification. The company draws from an extraordinary stable of options to create limitless design opportunities for its clients.

In the clad wood family, the design options include 9 casing profiles and 6 extruded aluminum subsills, as well as custom casing options. Additionally, the company offers 19 clad color options 5 standard and 14 select colors and custom color mixing.

Marvin's clad windows also include Douglas fir as a standard option in addition to pine, and the same select series upgrades to mahogany, cherry, white oak, and vertical grain Douglas fir that are available in its wood-only frames.

All Marvin windows include options such as Argon gas fills, reflective and Low-E II coatings, several sticking selections, and numerous divided lite and grille choices. Insulating glass comes standard with all Marvin windows, but other alternatives include specialty glass such as seeded, wavy, or even bullet resistant glass, and performance glass selections such as tripane glazing or tinted or tempered glass.

Other Marvin features include its design-oriented architectural hardware accessories and its StormPlus® line, with laminated glass and extruded aluminum cladding on the sash and frame.

For complex projects and more personal customization, Marvin's Signature services offer customization and design consultation for every detail, from start to finish, to ensure a truly unique look.

Hallmark Quality

Marvin Windows and Doors is recognized as a leading producer of made-to-order windows, with one of the industry's most extensive selections of shapes, sizes, styles, and options. The company's goal is to provide individual solutions with built-to-order products, and Marvin offers a practically infinite number of combinations to ensure homeowner satisfaction.

Marvin uses only the best materials in its doors and windows, backing their workmanship with robust warranties, including a 20-year warranty on the insulating glass that comes standard in any Marvin window.

The extruded aluminum used in Marvin's clad windows exceeds industry standards. Extruded aluminum is significantly stronger than the roll-form aluminum used by most competitors, and the technologically superior Kynar® finish is highly resistant to chalking, pitting, and fading.

Additionally, Marvin authorized installers offer homeowners the confidence, convenience, and expedience of professional installation backed by the Marvin name and promise of quality, workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Marvin installers provide a total service solution, a complete quote that includes everything from measurements to cleanup and removal, and the peace of mind of a Marvin warranty.

Marvin Dependability

Marvin Windows and Doors has long been a favorite with builders and homeowners. Builders love Marvin's time-saving innovations such as factory-installed jamb extensions (an industry first), panning systems, factory mulling, and the Marvin Design System software.

Homeowners appreciate Marvin's cost-efficient replacement options of sash-only and frame-in-frame insert window products, the beauty of Marvin's natural wood frames, and the performance advantages of Marvin windows. These include the energy efficiency of insulating glass; Energy Star® ratings in all four regions; the low maintenance of extruded aluminum cladding and tilt-in sashes; and the ease afforded by crankless, push-out awning and casement windows and replacement windows.

Marvin Cost Efficiency

An environmentally responsible company with uncompromising standards, Marvin designs innovative solutions to common problems, reducing stress and cost for all involved.

If frames are still in good condition, frame-in-frame insert replacement on double hung windows offers customers a budget-friendly alternative to full frame replacement. Insert replacement is a quicker, more efficient, and less expensive option. It is also less disruptive, eliminating the need to replace sheetrock and trim.

Marvin's sash replacement system for double hung windows offers homeowners the ability to replace their wood windows quickly and inexpensively. In situations where the frame is fine but the sash is in sorry shape, Marvin's sash replacement kit is an expedient, economic solution that demonstrates the Marvin commitment to putting the customer's needs before the company's bottom line.

Top honors

Marvin's commitment to skilled craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has earned the company numerous accolades. Marvin Windows and Doors won consecutive honors from J.D. Power and Associates after being ranked by architects, builders, and remodelers as the most satisfying manufacturer of residential windows and patio doors.

Marvin has also earned several Window & Door magazine Crystal Achievement Awards for its innovative new products. In 2006, it earned top honors (earning an ADEX award as well) for its novel new venting picture window. Featuring an invisible screen, the venting picture window can be as large as 6' by 6', and opens to allow for ventilation.

In 2008, Marvin was a Crystal Achievement Award winner for its innovative new 'Ultimate Replacement Casement.' The Ultimate Replacement Casement makes it possible for homeowners to clean the exterior of a casement window from the inside with ease even on the second story.

Other unique Marvin products include the French Casemaster, which opens from the middle with no center obstruction, and their German-styled Tilt Turn and Hopper, which opens like a door or can tilt in from the top sash instead.

Environmental responsibility

Marvin strives to create products that are respectful of the natural environment by fully embracing the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Marvin is a 3-time winner of the Minnesota Governor's Award for excellence in waste and pollution prevention, and has one of the lowest wood-waste percentages in the industry.

Marvin redirects about 12,000 tons of its logging and packaging waste per year to power its boilers and heat the facility, and sells about 14,000 tons of wood shavings every year as animal bedding. Marvin recycles wood by finger-jointing and edge-gluing smaller pieces.

The glass used in Marvin windows is made from 15%-33% crushed scrap glass. The extruded aluminum used in the company's durable exterior cladding is made from up to 40% reclaimed aluminum. The rolled aluminum is at least 98% recycled.

All of Marvin's packaging is recyclable, as are all of its windows' major components (wood, aluminum, and glass). The company also tries to minimize or eliminate its use of VOCs.

Marvin windows can also help builders earn LEED credits.

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