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JELD-WEN is a window company that comes from humble beginnings. Started in 1960, with a small plant in Oregon and no more than 15 employees, JELD-WEN has since grown into a large corporation that continues to lead in the window industry in quality, service and outstanding products. There are now more than 150 JELD-WEN divisions and more than 20,000 company employees scattered around the world.

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JELD-WEN Window Replacements

However, the core company concept cultivated during those early years has managed to stick, even through such tremendous growth and that message has served JELD-WEN well.

Focusing on distinct craftsmanship, JELD-WEN places a huge emphasis on quality. This is, in part, because the company encourages a high level of participation from all of its employees to work together to create an incredible product. JELD-WEN has marketed more than 20 different former window brands, including Caradco, Pozzi and Norco, since 2003. All are reliable products that found the perfect home in the JELD-WEN family.

The wood and clad-wood windows are among JELD-WEN's most popular replacement window offerings. Found in a virtual palette of colors to match just about any room or decor in the home, JELD-WEN wood windows are just as strong and dependable as they are cosmetically appealing. What more is that these windows are made with strong pine AuraLast wood, which offers allows the wood to be protected from wood decay and termites.

Vinyl windows are also a core part of the JELD-WEN window repertoire, boasting a maintenance free, weather resistance window replacement options that is also affordable and extremely energy efficient. JELD-WEN's Flat Casing vinyl windows have a sill siding and three and a half inch trim casing. The Brickmould vinyl windows look like traditional wood windows and feature a slider and tilt. There are a number of styles for vinyl windows, including awnings, casements, radius and double-hung window styles.

In fact, the sheer versatility and diversity in the JELD-WEN window inventory is astounding. There are simply so many affordable options from which one could choose. JELD-WEN windows are also Energy Star certified, meaning that homeowners can not only choose a company that focuses on quality and beauty, but also on energy efficiency in the home. This is truly a win-win situation for any customer looking to engage in a window replacement project with a company that has a flawless reputation and an eye for window design, quality and energy efficiency.


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