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When it comes to vinyl windows, no one knows the ins and outs quite as well as CertainTeed Windows. In the vinyl window replacement business since 1979, CertainTeed has made superior quality, outstanding customer service and an emphasis on durability and performance a hallmark of the company message.

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CertainTeed Window Replacements

CertainTeed has a reputation unmatched in the window replacement business and customers stick with CertainTeed because the company delivers on that reputation each and every time. Choosing CertainTeed replacement windows means getting a window that has been properly engineered, painstakingly refined and glazed to create visual masterpieces for the home. Moreover, CertainTeed windows are not only a popular choice for replacement, but for new construction as well. All CertainTeed vinyl windows are AAMA certified for air, water and structural durability.

CertainTeed replacement windows are also energy efficient, delivering the best U-value for the money and the Thermaflect Low E glazing system ranks higher in customer satisfaction than other glazing systems in the industry. Homeowners have peace of mind that harmful UV rays are kept out when they replace their windows with the CertainTeed brand, a fact that's hugely important in today's energy conscious society. This means that your home will stay cooler during the summer months and warmer during the cooler times of the year.

CertainTeed offers more than just regular windows. Customers can find awning-style and casement windows for additional window replacement options. These newest models incorporate years of knowledge developed over a number of years as CertainTeed has worked to perfect the vinyl window model. The result is casement and awning windows that feature advanced hardware attachements and weather-resistant engineering, many the CertainTeed window brand one of the most durable and reliable offerings in the industry. These windows are made to perform their best in the toughest of conditions, a fact in which CertainTeed takes great pride. Morever, the CertainTeed replacement casement and awning windows exceed standards set by the replacement industry for air and water infiltration by more than 100%. They are maintanence free and boast increased thermal efficiency.

CertainTeed stands behind its products, offering one of the best warranties in the industry. The CertainTeed lifetime warranty means that homeowners won't ever have to worry about manufacturing defects as long as they own the home in which the windows are placed. Those are the kind of customer-service oriented guarantees that will ensure CertainTeed's place at the top of the industry for a long time to come.

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