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Accu-Weld offers a wide array of energy-efficient replacement window products, including single-hung, double-hung, slider, garden, bay and bow windows. As a replacement window company that prides itself on being "green," Accu-Weld is an ENERGY STAR partner, a partner of the U.S. Green Building Council, as well as a proud manufacturer of a R-5 rated replacement window. Accu-Weld takes great pride in manufacturing high quality, energy efficient windows that rival Andersen, Marvin, Pella and other top window manufacturing companies.

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Accu-Weld Replacement Window Manufacturer

Accu-Weld offers a solid selection of energy efficient windows that qualify for the Federal Energy Efficient Tax Credit (and can save consumers money on their energy bills). The company produces "green" vinyl replacement windows that are available in the following product lines: double hung, slider windows, casement, garden and bay & bow windows. Accu-Weld windows begin with a 100% vinyl powder which goes into their proprietary window frame, then they add either their double-pane or triple-pane Low-E glass and finally add to this the appropriate hardware and balance.

Accu-Weld manufacturers their vinyl replacement windows in their state-of-the-art facility to create a high quality, efficient replacement window product line. Accu-Weld partners with other companies to insure high safety and energy-efficiency standards

Accu-Weld is owned by Haddon Windows, LLC and distributes their replacement windows through their dealer network and then on to homeowners. Accu-Weld is located in Bensalem, PA and specializes in replacement vinyl windows and steel entry doors.

Accu-Weld Window Warranty

Accu-Weld offers the following replacement window warranty terms. Most of their window products come with a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship, manufacturing defects etc. In addition, they include a 20 year warranty on accidental glass breakage. Accu-Weld replacement windows do not need to be painted and our warranted not to corrode, rot, peel or rust.

Accu-Vision™ Energy Efficient Windows

Accu-Vision™ windows offer the following features:

A durable integrated window frame that is made from a high quality 100% virgin vinyl blend. High energy efficiency windows that save consumers on the energy bills. Custom fitting windows with Low-E, double pane glass. UV protection glass that reduces UV rays by up to 90%. Mold, mildew and fungus resistant window frames and seals to reduce air and water penetration. Great visibility combined with a great looking beveled frame window. Solid hardware features, including auto-locking brass hardware and flush-mounted tilt frame latches. The tilt frame latch is super easy to clean.

Accu-Weld Energy Efficiency Window Ratings

Accu-Weld's Accu-Vision™ offers great window ratings including a U-factor of 0.30, an R-Factor of 3.33, a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25 and a visible transmittance of 0.46.

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