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When it comes to replacement window warranties, you want to be as informed as possible in case you should ever have to redeem the warranty. Each window manufacturer or company has a unique warranty on their replacement windows -- this includes warranted parts, whether the warranty is transferable and/or prorated as well as the restrictions and limitations that are ALWAYS included with a replacement window warranty.

Many companies offer a home window warranty that covers both parts and service, especially if the windows are installed by an authorized dealer/contractor. This is a pretty typical set up and is a nice option because you only have to deal with one company if problems should arise. If your windows are installed by a handyman or an independent contractor, they will probably not offer you a warranty on installation. Most quality window warranties covers manufacturing, materials and workmanship. You definitely want a transferable warranty, which means it automatically transfers to the new owner if a home is sold. Transferable warranties on your home windows can be an excellent selling point for your home or condo as it provides the new buyer with piece of mind regarding the windows.

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Replacement Window Warranty

The first step to take is to view and look over the warranty in explicit detail. Ask the retailer or window manufacturer questions about any language that you don't understand. If the person dances around the question and doesn't give you a straight answer, then purchase your windows elsewhere as a reputable businessman should always be able to answer questions regarding a warranty.

Transferable Window Warranty Provision

Find out if the warranty is fully transferable. This is important because then it may expire if you sell your home, which could affect the purchase price of the home. This point is particularly poignant if you purchase insulated glass for your replacement windows as these products should come with a warranty of at least ten years without proration. There are some manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties; however, if they go out of business, so does the warranty.

Prorated Window Warranty Provision

Certain window manufacturer's warranties are prorated, meaning that over the life of the warranty the manufacturer covers a smaller percentage of the cost. For instance, Harvey offers a 20 year warranty on its insulating glass that covers 100% over the first 10 years, 50% for years 11-15 and 25% for years 16-20. Consumers should always prefer to have a non-prorated warranty it is available from the manufacturer.

You should also ask about service if something goes wrong, inquiring as to whether the company employs qualified service individuals to take care of a problem should something go wrong. Moreover, always ask how long it takes for a service call to be processed and what can you expect in terms of quality? Learn more about window replacement contractors.

Warranties will never cover every single aspect of the life of your replacement window. However, this guarantee will provide some protection for a least the initial period of time you have your new replacement windows installed.

Replacement Window Manufacturer Warranty

The following information on replacement window warranties is a summation only -- and since we aren't lawyers and some of these window warranties are confusing and frequently change, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. ALWAYS thoroughly read the updated replacement window warranty at the time of purchase to get a better handle on the specifics of your window replacements warranty. If any information on this page does not appear correct, please let us know so that we can update it with the most recent and accurate window warranty information.

Accu-Weld Window Warranty

Accu-Weld offers the following replacement window warranty terms. Most of their window products come with a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship, manufacturing defects etc. In addition, they include a 20 year warranty on accidental glass breakage.

Andersen® Windows Warranty Information

Andersen windows come with a 20 year limited warranty on the glass from the date of installation -- covering defect in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship under normal usage.

Andersen windows also come with a 10 year limited warranty on components, such as the frame and sash members (which are warrantied not to corrode, rot, flake, pit or flask) for normal usage. Other components, including lifts, locks, hinges, balance systems, insect screens, handles and weatherstripping are warranted against manufacturing and material defects for 10 years.

Finally, Andersen® replacement windows carry a 2 year limited warranty on installation by an authorized installer. So if your Andersen® window does not properly work, they will "bring the workmanship up to professional standards" free of charge. Learn more about the Andersen window warranty.

CertainTeed Window Warranty Information

CertainTeed warranty coverage is divided into 3 basic warranty categories; SureStart™, Lifetime Warranty and Original Transfer Warranty - check with Andersen to find out which warranty your windows qualify for.

The 5 Year SureStart™ provides 5 years of coverage and pays out 100% of the cost of labor and materials for either replacement or repair for a defective window.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty offers lifetime coverage to the original owner and pays out 100% of cost for materials for either replacement or repair for a defective window.

The Original Owner Transfer Warranty offers 20 years of coverage beginning when the windows are installation and pays out 100% of the cost of materials for either replacement or repair for a defective window. Click for additional info on the CertainTeed Window Warranty.

Gentek Window Warranty Summary

Gentek Regency Premium Vinyl Window Warranty offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and sash components, the sealed insulating glass, the constant force balances and on all hardware for casement and awning windows. Al other hardware is warranted for 5 years. Gentek's Regency Premium Vinyl Warranty can be transferred on a prorated basis.

Gentek's Sierra Fusion Welded Vinyl Window Warranty offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and sash components, the sealed insulating glass, the constant force balances and on all hardware for casement and awning windows.

Gentek's 70 and 80 Series Window Warranty offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and sash components. In addition, there is a limited lifetime warranty on basic window parts, glass screening and the insulating Glass Unit (this includes installation costs.)

Gentek also offers an optional warranty on glass breakage - in the case of glass breaking, a new unit is provided to the buyer with no questions asked -- of course, restrictions apply.

Gentek Aluminum Window Warranty offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and sash components. In addition, there is a 20 year limited warranty on the insulated glass unit, a 5 year warranty on all hardware and a 1 year warranty for labor and materials.

Gerkin Window Warranty Information

The Gerkin window website has an entire page with links to all of their product lines, which includes all of the specifications of the windows, including a small paragraph on the warranty information. The product lines include the Rhino Series 5000 Horizontal Slider, Rhino Series 5045 Horizontal Slider, Rhino Series 5100 Project-Out Awning, Rhino Series 5200 Project-In Hopper, Rhino Series 5300 Project-Out Casement, Rhino Series 5500 Fixed, Rhino Series 5900 Aluminum Single Hung Window, Rhino Panning System, Rhino Subframe System, 4000 CadComfort Series Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors, Comfort Series 6000 Horizontal Slider, Comfort Series 6100 Single Hung, Comfort Series 4300 Casement, Comfort Series 4400 Patio Door, Comfort Series 4600 Swinging Patio Doors, Comfort Series 4800 Double Hung, Series 5000 Horizontal Sliding Thermal Window, Series 5045 Horizontal Sliding Thermal Window, Series 5100 Project-Out Awning Thermal Window, Series 5200 Project-In Hopper Thermal Window, Series 5300 Out-Swing Casement Thermal Window, Series 5500 Thermal Fixed Window, Series 5800 Double Hung Window, Series 5900 Single Hung Window, Comfort Series Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors, Series 6000 Horizontal Sliding Vinyl Window, Series 6100 Single Hung / Single Tilt Vinyl Window, Series 4300 Casement Vinyl Window, Series 4400 Sliding Vinyl Patio Door and Series 4800 Double Hung / Double Tilt Vinyl Window.

The warranty paragraph essentially says that the contractor/company who installs the window takes full responsibility for the window, glass, glazing, anchorage, sealing and flashing for 1 year. Furthermore, if any of these window elements don't meet the specifications, the contractor is responsible for correcting the problem. To access Gerkin window's warranty information, click on this link.

Harvey Window Warranty Information

Harvey's Majesty Wood Window series (double hung and casement windows) carries a 20 year warranty on its insulating glass - specfically against obstruction of view and/or interior surface dust collection (there is a formula here with decreasing percentages so check out their website for more specifics.) There is a 10 year warranty on the aluminum and wood frame for material and workmanship defects. The aluminum (which is the exterior cladding of this window) is warranted not to peel, flake, blister under normal wear and tear for 10 years. The interior vinyl is warranted against material and workmanship defects for 10 years. There are a number of exclusions to this warranty listed on the warranty so make sure you read it thoroughly before purchasing windows through a dealer or contractor (Harvey does not sell directly to the public.) Click to see the actual Harvey Wood Window Warranty.

JELD-WEN Vinyl Window Warranty

JELD-WEN offers a lifetime warranty for original owners of owner-occupied single family homes where the windows are originally installed. They will also supply the labor cost (as long as they deem the damage/repair under normal wear and tear) to repair or replace any component for as long as the original purchase owns and occupies the house.

JELD-WEN offers a transferable window warranty for 10 years from the manufacture date. They will repair or replace any window component for 2 years from the manufacture date for windows that do not have the original owner. There is additional information on JELD_WEN window warranty info on their website, which is more in depth.

Loewen Window Warranty

Loewen offers a 20 year limited warranty on their insulated glass against defects in materials and workmanship. Loewen provides a 10 year warranty on their components against defects in materials and workmanship. Non-glass components include hardware, locks, hinges, door panels and wood. Loewen also offers a 10 year waranty on all metal cladding to not crack or peel (on standard colors) starting on the purchase date.

A very nice feature of the Loewen warranty is its non-prorated feature so benefits will NOT decrease over the life of the warranty. As always, their are limits and exclusions to this warranty so check with your Loewen representative for specific warranty provisions.

Marvin Replacement Window Warranty

Marvin windows offers a transferable, limited warranty on windows purchased from authorized Marvin dealers. The warranty essentially states that windows will be free of defects (manufacturing, materials, and workmanship) for 10 years from the date of purchase. In addition, Marvin provides a unique 20 year warranty on its insulating glass causing visible obstructions from faulty air seals. There are a number of exceptions and details listed in their warranty that should be read by consumers - read more on the Marvin window warranty.

Pella Window Warranty Summary

The Pella window warranty information can be found on a single page on their website with links to PDFs for the following product lines; Pella EnduraClad Wood, Pella Entry Door Warranty, Pella® Steel & Fiberglass Entry Door Warranty, Pella Wood Entry Door Warranty, Pella Storm Door Warranty, Pella Impervia® Warranty, Vinyl WarrantyCentera by PellaTM, Encompass by PellaTM and ThermaStar by Pella®. We clicked on several of the links but the warranty information is fairly complex, so we will leave it to you to find the right Pella window product and then check out the appropriate warranty.

Silverline Window Warranty Summary

Silverline provides a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser that the window itself, mechanical parts and insulated glass will work properly. Specifically, vinyl products won't blister, peel, flake, rot or corrode. Insulated glass won't cause obstruction of vision and window components won't have manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not include defects or damages caused by a number improper installation, improper application, if the windows are modified, and accidents, fire, floods, vandalism or acts of God such as earthquakes and hurricanes. For more information on Silverline warranty information, please visit their website.

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