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Replacement Windows and the Value of Your Home Print Bookmark and Share

Any improvement you can make to increase your home's value, curb appeal, and perceived worth is an investment that will yield a return when you sell or rent. Of the hundreds of components that make up a house, windows affect our lives the most. Outside, they highlight the architectural style of a home and, when properly sized and placed, give a sense of balance and scale. Inside, they provide natural light and frame our view of the world. Replacing old, delapidated windows is a good first move when trying to sell or rent a home but it also makes sense if you have no intention of moving at all.

Investigators have found that window frames that are warped or don't securely close can make a home easier for burglars to break into. Statistically speaking, house invasions are more likely to occur when the thief can easily spot a window that is not closed correctly or one that can be easily pried open. Replacement windows are an excellent way to protect your family from intruders and make your home secure.

Replacement Windows and the Value of Your Home - The Benefits

Energy Savings

If you have non-functioning windows, you are more than likely paying more in energy prices than you need to. Cracked windows can significantly increase your energy bill. Replacement windows can save as much as 60% on the energy bill. Not only will your new vinyl replacements stop drafts, they will also reduce the transmission of radiant heat. Consequently, replacement windows can also extend the longevity of your heating and cooling systems by reducing the amount of work they need to do. Energy-efficient windows are also a great selling or renting point because they'll effectively lower the heating and cooling bill year round.

When choosing your replacement windows, determine whether or not they pass the Energy Star test. You should also check to see how long the windows will take to pay for themselves in reduced bills. The information provided on Energy Star labels compared with your current energy bills make it easy to calculate. Specialized coatings, such as Low-E, combined with Argon-filled spaces between the panes, serve to increase the insulating effectiveness of replacement windows. In general, energy experts agree that energy saving replacement windows can make back their cost in roughly six and a half years.

Perceived Value

Real estate agents will tell you that home buyers are wary of homes with cracked windows because they correctly assume that they will have to spend time and money in the future to renovate their windows. On the other hand, buyers perceive houses with replacement windows as having increased value, which often translates into a higher purchase price.

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For years, when it came to new or replacement windows, wood set the bar for quality and longevity and was preferred for its stability and natural insulating features. That belief is quickly changing however, as homeowners and contractors alike become aware of the advantages of vinyl windows.

First, they save on heating and cooling costs and have moderate to high R-values. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance to heat transfer and the higher the energy efficiency. Next, they never need to be repainted, making maintenance simple. They will not corrode, swell, chip, peel, rot, or rust. In a time of increased environmental awareness, consider that although wood might seem more environmentally friendly, vinyl actually uses less energy and causes less gas emission to make, saves more energy in use, and can be recycled and re-used for many different purposes. Finally, vinyl replacement windows now include a number of features such as foam-filled frames with mitered joints that not only increase their aesthetic value but also make your home much more sound proof. If you choose insulated glass made up of two or even three panes of glass, the sound-deadening quality is further enhanced. Energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows that look great and are affordable are becoming the best optio for many homeowners.

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Measuring the Value

While the initial cost of replacing the windows of your house can seem daunting, how quickly your replacement windows will pay for themselves takes some of the sting out of the expense. Decreases in the costs of day-to-day heating and cooling and long-term maintenance and replacement of heating and air-conditioning systems are just the tip of the iceberg. Energy-efficient replacement windows will not only lower your energy bills, they will also drive up the resale or rental value of your home.

Whether you are trying to increase the appraised value so that you can borrow against it, are actually in the market to sell, plan to rent, or just want increase the safety, economy, and livability of your home, buying replacement windows is one of the first projects to undertake. The cost of replacing your old windows with something better will be worth every cent.

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