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Owning a home presents all sorts of challenges. There are all manner of things you have to know, or know about, that you probably never had to deal with before. Financial decisions, equity lines, second mortgages, maintenance and repair, and home improvement plans are just a few of the issues. Then there are the tax breaks you get from home ownership, and from some of the improvements you might make (such as rebates for solar power). It can be very confusing.

One home improvement detail that won't cause you additional stress is knowing how to install your replacement windows. Installing replacement windows in your home is a moderate to difficult home improvement project. The level of difficulty depends on a number of factors, including how old your home is, the type of replacement windows you have choosen, whether you are replacing just the window or replacing the window and frame, as well as your skill and experience. Window replacement can involve structural and framing aspects and hould only be undertaken by someone who has experience dealing with these issues. Getting in over your head can cost you more in the long run and certainly be a huge headache.

Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows is much more complicated than you might think, and the likelihood that something will go wrong if you tackle it yourself is too great.

The cost of the windows alone should dissuade you from installing them yourself. They can easily twist and warp, for instance, and then you might find yourself buying replacements for your replacements. The other thing to consider is the fact that you could void the warranty, something you definitely want to avoid. Again, given the investment. It's just not wise. Hire a professional.

If the contractor you hire is handling all facets of the job, you should still familiarize yourself with the many different types of replacement windows before you approve his or her plans. Know what your options are, so that you can be clear with your contractor about what you want. You should also learn a little about the installation process.

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Installing Replacement Windows

You will first need to measure your windows. It is important to have accurate measurements as a badly installed window, or one that doesn���t fit right, will be as bad as the old windows you are trying to replace. The two measurements that you will need are the width of the window and the height. The width of a window is measured by getting the distance between the inside of the left jamb and the inside of the right jamb. The height is measured by measuring between the window sill and the head jamb. To be on the safe side, take three height measurements: from the left, the middle and the right side of the window. You may find that these measurements vary. Use the smallest measurement for the height of the window.

To begin your window replacement:

1. Remove the old sashes.

2. There should be two sets of stops if your current home windows were traditionally installed. Pry the old stops off carefully. If you can, keep them in tact so that you can use them again. NOTE: It is important that your new window fit correctly between the outside stops and the stool. If you find that there is too much space, nail a correctly sized piece of wood to the jamb to fill the gap.

3. Install the window supports according to the slope of your sill

4. Place the window in the center of the opening. Make sure that the window is square.

5. Secure the window in place using the side jambs

6. Replace the inside stop.

7. It is a good idea now to go inside and check that the window is working properly. If it is not, make the necessary adjustments.

8. Go back outside and seal the outside stop gap. Simply place a narrow bead of caulking all around the seal of the window.

You should install your windows from inside your home not from the outside.

One of today's more popular replacement window materials is vinyl. Vinyl is tough, economical, and energy efficient, and comes in a wide range of colors.

When it was first introduced, many contractors didn't take the time to learn about proper installation, and the reputation of vinyl windows suffered as a result. To make matters worse, the PVC quality was low-grade, and the color choices were limited.

Today, however, professional window contractors are responsible and informed, and vinyl has emerged as a winning choice. Scientific advances have made today's vinyl windows durable and long-lasting. More color choices are available than ever before. There are even wood laminates! Today's vinyl is even paintable, with the right paints something that was never an option in the past. Today, vinyl competes as a cost-conscious alternative to wood windows.

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