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How Much Do Vinyl Windows Cost | Vinyl Replacement Window Costs Print Bookmark and Share

There are numerous factors that come into play when figuring out how much vinyl replacement windows cost. A few of these issues include brand or window manufacturer, the size of the vinyl window, the type of glass, accessories such as locks, screens, the state in which you live and the type of glass fill. Obviously, there's a huge spectrum of replacement window costs, especially for vinyl windows.

Vinyl materials and construction (not to mention all the other factors that go into home windows) can vary greatly, which has a huge effect on the end price. Low end Harvey vinyl windows (32" by 48") costs roughly $300 (in 2009), while Andersen and Pella charge closer to $650 for this same window.

How Much Do Vinyl Windows Cost

In 2009, a Jeldwen window that measured 32 inches by 60 inches with low-e gas locks and half screens will run you about $185 per window. This does not include installation, which will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 per window. A good place to start to figure out how much vinyl windows cost is your local Home Depot or Lowes Home Improvement stores. For additional information on vinyl windows costs, see our window replacement cost estimator.

Home Depot vinyl windows are going to average (in 2009) $200-$350, depending on the type of replacement window you choose. The $200 installation price quote above assumes that no real work has to be done to the frame of the existing window. If the header or frame size do need to be altered, expect the installation cost to increase. Therefore, if you can pay $300 for each vinyl window and $200 for the individual install, you are looking at $500 per window. That means if you are replacing 20 windows, you will be looking at $10,000 before tax. Make sure to get the price quote, completion date, etc. in writing and get 3 to 4 recent customer referals that you can call and confirm the quality of work.

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Sample of Vinyl Window Pricing

Here is an example of three cost quotes on 15 double hung energy star vinyl windows. Sears: $10,800. Home Depot: $9,400. Champion: $7,200. Average window cost for this final price quote: $480 per window installed. Don't forget that the government is currently offering a $1500 tax credit and you may get money back from your local electric company.

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