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Replacing the windows in your home can lead to improved energy efficiency and added curbside appeal, but choosing replacement windows also can be a daunting home improvement project. There are a wide range of window styles from which to choose, and window manufacturers use many different types of construction materials as well. Using a pre-screened, certified window replacement contractor can help you make short work of the many difficult decisions involved in a window replacement project, such as choosing the type of window frames to use and the models of replacement windows that best fit your budget.

Window Replacement Center contains a wealth of information on home window replacement styles, the best types of frames and building materials for your project, as well as tons of free site tools -- including a cost estimator for replacement windows. Making informed decisions about your window renovation project can lead to greater satisfaction with the end result. Use this site as a comprehensive guide to help you find the right windows for your home and the right window replacement contractor to get your job done correctly.

Home Window Replacement Costs

How much should replacement windows cost? This is difficult to answer because there are many factors that go into the equation -- for example, a casement window can run you anywhere from $100 at home depot to $1000 for a high end Pella. The average replacement window will run $300-$700 (this price includes an average installation cost of $200 - although this price can vary widely.) An accurate cost comparison should compare by manufacturer, window style, glass, type of fills, frame and additional features.

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Guide to Buying Home Window Replacements

Buying replacement windows for your home isn't necessarily glamorous, but it can be an effective energy and money saving project. Late spring and early fall are the best times of year to begin your project since they are usually the mildest. Don't forget that your windows will be off the house entirely during this project, so your home will be exposed to the elements.

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Installing Replacement Windows

One of the most common questions we get is how to install window replacements. Installation is in the medium to hard range of DIY home improvement projects. You certainly can do it yourself, but the overwhelming majority of homeowners hire a professional contractor. On average, the cost to install a replacement window is $200 for existing frames -- if the frames have to be altered in any way your costs can rise considerably.

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Home Window Replacement Ratings And Reviews

Because manufacturers often use different measures and rating terms to sell their products, it can be difficult to compare ratings. For instance, some manufacturers use center-of-glass R-value and shading coefficient, while others use whole-window U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient.

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Home Window Replacement Styles

There are many different types of home window replacements available today, including awning, bow and bay, gliding, picture or transom, awning, double hung, casement, skylight, and many others. In addition to these standard operating types, there are specialty windows, which provide homeowners with many fantastic benefits.

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Window Replacement Frames And Materials

There are a variety of materials on the market today, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl. For years, wood was the most common frame type, but in recent years vinyl and fiberglass have become more popular. These other materials are growing in popularity (especially vinyl, which accounts for the highest percentage of home window replacements sold in the U.S.) in part due to the fact that they are easier to install and maintain.

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Home Window Replacement Warranty

Warranties can be tricky business in that each company has specific policies, warranty time lines and exclusions. Nonetheless, it is smart to know as much as you can about your warranty as you can. To keep it simple, many homeowners buy their windows from a known company who typically offers a certified installer - thus both the warranty on the windows themselves and the installation is covered by one company and one warranty.

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Home Window Replacement Manufacturers

There are many home window replacement manufacturers, some you've surely heard of like Anderson, Pella and Jeld Wen. Other manufacturers you may not of, companies such as Loewen, Gerkin and Napco. Each manufacturing company offers different products, styles and materials. The more well known manufacturers have similarities among their product lines -- once you begin to compare and contrast the subtle and important differences between them comes to light.

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Community And Resource Section

Explore our community and resource sections. One of the features you will find is our Frequently Asked Questions. We have also included a section for photos and pictures of different window types as well as a user forum to share your experiences with others and get any questions answered that you may have. Sign up for our newsletter and receive timely articles and advice on many of the most important issues surrounding your home window replacements.

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Argon gas is one of the most popular types of gases used to fill the space between multi paned windows and is a good insulator. However, the incremental R-value, or measure of thermal resistance which indicates energy efficiency, may only increase by a half of a point over unfilled windows. Adding a low-e coating to the window glass may do more to increase energy efficiency because it reduces solar heat gain, while argon gas does nothing to reduce the transmission of infrared radiation or ultraviolet light.

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